Endeavour Tourbillon

CHF 69 000
ref. 1804-0401

Endeavour Tourbillon

CHF 69 000
ref. 1804-0401

Case material

Red Gold

Strap Material



Ox’s Eye




Tourbillon Automatic


HMC 804

Making the complicated appear simple, the Endeavour Tourbillon watch in red gold and the Ox’s Eye stone dial combines H. Moser & Cie.’s ultra-minimalistic “concept” design – with no logo or indices – with a double hairspring flying 60-second tourbillon, boasting superlative precision and a mesmerizing kinetic spectacle for the wearer as it beats and turns against the partially open dial.

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40.0 mm

Power reserve

72 hours

Water resistance



The HMC 804 is an automatic tourbillon movement which counteracts the effects of gravity in two ways: the one-minute flying tourbillon, and the patented double hairspring where two identical hairsprings compensate for any positional errors.


Conceived to counteract the effects of gravity on the watch’s timekeeping precision, the tourbillon is a device in which the regulating organ and escapement are placed, which constantly rotates around a central axis to eliminate any positional errors.


Along with the sunburst pattern and gradient colour effect of the fumé dial, this concept model takes a minimalistic approach by foregoing the logo and all other markings from the watch face.

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